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Additional Testimonials

I highly recommend Dr. Warren/McCarthy Dental. It has been the best experience I have had at any dental office. The staff is very friendly and professional. As soon as you walk in they know you and call you by name. Their experience is evident by their gentleness and conversation to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. I am very pleased with their advanced technology used and the professional care they provide.

Bobby Cox

I highly recommend Dr. Warren and his great practice for all dental needs and procedures! Dr. Warren is the only dentist I have ever had since 2003 who has administered painless procedures in any dental work done. There is no better dentist in New Bern than Dr. Daryl Warren!!

Russell Peterson

After many horrible experiences as a child, I was terrified to go to the dentist. I was referred to Dr. Warren’s office. He and the staff were very kind and understanding of my anxiety. I discovered there is pain free dentistry. It seemed everyone was having a good time. I actually had fun.

You and your staff work well together. I like how your assistant knows what you need without you asking for it. Everyone says hi when I come in and bye as I leave. This is the most modern office I’ve seen. It’s hard to believe its 11 years old. So clean.

I like how your office always tells me what will be done the next time and how much it will cost.

My husband said you didn’t hurt giving a shot, I believe him now! That was awesome.

My teeth were so dark and crooked, I rarely smiled. I thought fixing them was out of reach. A friend sent me to Dr. Warren’s office. Everything was explained to me so I could understand. I got a new smile that I use all the time and a new dentist!

Upon receiving my TAP appiance, I immediately started using it. I have used it every night except one and noticed an immediate difference. I’m so glad I chose the oral appliance. It’s so easy to use and travels well. I feel so much better and have a lot more energy. I would highly recommend the TAP appliance to anyone needing treatment for Sleep Apnea.

Valerie B.

After having a sleep study, it was suggested that I receive treatment. Of the three available options, I chose to use a dental appliance made by McCarthy Dental. I feel that the appliance was immediately effective by the increase in my daily energy level. The process was simple and painless (except for the sleep study) and more importantly professional. The device was easy to become accustomed to abd requires minimal change in daily habits. I am confident that you have provided me with a long term solution to my condition for which I am extremely grateful.

Bill B.