Patient came in with missing teeth. Mouth was restored with flexible, metal free partial denture.

Patient came in with upper missing teeth. Mouth was restored with porcelain crowns and bridges.

Patient came in unhappy with space and old crown on front tooth. Dr. Warren recommended porcelain crowns on front four teeth to correct spacing and proper sizing of the teeth.

Patient came in with severe grinding problem which was causing her teeth to chip and wear. After orthodontic treatment, Dr. Warren placed porcelain crowns to restore smile.

Patient came in wanting to brighten his smile. After eight days of whitening treatment…what results!

Patient came in with need for a new lower partial. Recommended replacing older upper denture as well to stabilize biting surfaces. Patient was very happy with result in restoring her smile.

Patient came in with a bruxing/grinding problem which was wearing her teeth severely. She was referred to orthodontist for braces to open her bite to restore original length and make crowning her teeth possible.

Patient came in with old and worn fillings. Teeth were also broken and discolored. Smile was restored with porcelain crowns on the front six teeth. His wife says he smiles all the time now.